Tape Relocations and Consolidations

Relocating a tape library can be a career defining moment. There is a strict timeframe, with complicated logistics and no margin for error. American Eagle Systems has more than three decades of experience in data relocation, along with consolidations, inventories, and tape tracking software. From pre-plan meetings to putting away the final tape in the new library; AES manages and performs the entire process.

Typical Process

  • Thorough preplan with management and vital personnel.
  • Audit/Inventory the tape shipment prior to (and/or) after the move, using our team of expert librarians and our proprietary barcode software and scanning devices.
  • Systematically pull media from its current location and pack into containers while retaining the ability to locate any tape at any time in any container.
  • Coordinate and manage all transportation of the media to your new location. From climate controlled vans and tractor trailers to Lear Jets, AES will help you make the right transportation decisions and flawlessly execute the move.
  • Re-file all moved media into racking in the new library with no mis-files or missing tapes.
  • Clean up. Our experienced team will leave your facilities clean, neat, and ready for business.
  • Detailed and signed tape reports to authenticate the accountability of the tapes will be provided.

The Results

Regardless of the size of the library or the distance of the relocation, a tape library move is much too critical of an operation to leave to a company with little or no experience. Having successfully performed many moves requiring a wide range of skills, and resources, AES has the experience and expertise to provide your organization with a highly professional relocation from start to finish.