Custom Software Development

American Eagle Systems has been developing custom software applications for the data center and other technology industries for over twenty years. We have a in-house development team who is intimately familiar with both the software and hardware requirements associated with audit compliance, asset management and security. We have the ability to develop everything from local applications to full featured web-based applications customized to your business. Our hardware group has years of experience in scanners, RFID, servers and handheld devices and can deliver hardware applications as well. AES software is used by thousands of users and hundreds of companies throughout the world to help successfully manage their operations.

Applications Developed

  • Web-based Tape Management & Inventory: Webscan I, Webscan 2, Webscan 3
  • Web-based Asset Management: Equipment Tracking Systems
  • PC-based Tape Management: Autoscan
  • Process Management: Voice-Pic, Autotrieve
  • Barcode Labeling Printing Software: IBM/STK Robotic Labels
  • Barcode Scanners: PDT3100, PHL2700, H-13
  • Mobile Systems: Eagle-eye, Logic Plus
  • Physical Inventory: AEScan
  • Digital Vendor Communications: Autolink, Boomerang
  • Tape Data Eradication: Green Machine
  • Tape Initialization: AELabel