Litigation & Archival Restoration

With the laws and regulations governing retention and production of data for use in litigation and compliance, companies have a growing catalog of long-term archival tape media. Aside from the overhead associated with storage of the media, if called upon, your organization also needs to maintain the equipment, technical resources and incur the costs associated with restoring your legacy backup environment.

Maintaining these legacy systems is not only a significant expenditure, but there is no guarantee of the success of restoration until a time sensitive restore begins.

The Solution

The AES Secure Restore program is a subscription service that provides your business with not only the confidence and assurance that your archival data will be restored in a timely fashion, but does so with budget reductions in personnel, maintenance, equipment and licensing. Very often the entire solution is less expensive annually than your current configuration, while mitigating nearly all risk.

With the Secure Restore program, your facility no longer has to maintain the legacy environment, equipment, technical resources or worry about the success of restoring data, AES does all the work for you. We provide both scheduled as well as ad hoc, on-demand restoration and extraction of email and data files from tape without utilizing any of your resources.

How it Works:

  1. AES mimics your legacy environment at our facility
  2. We verify with certainty that we can restore your data.
  3. AES imports your archival catalogue to create a database of all accessible custodians and data.
  4. Upon a restoration request, you provide AES with the custodians or data that needs to be restored.
  5. AES will query your catalog and tell you which tapes are needed
  6. The necessary files and email messages are returned to you on either an encrypted USB drive or DVD, along with chain of custody reports and the original tapes.

The Benefits

  • No longer maintain/pay licensing on legacy applications and systems
  • Regain floor space, power, networking from removal of legacy tape drives and systems
  • No need for specialized IT staff supporting legacy media restorations
  • Know you are able to restore what is needed, increases in SLA
  • Scheduled or Ad-hoc restoration and/or extraction of any needed data