Mobile Systems

When American Eagle Systems set out to design an interface for mobile filing systems, the engineers at American Eagle's Long Island, NY research facility took a unique approach. AES wanted to ensure that conventional thinking did not get in the way of design integrity. Unlike other manufacturers who try to alter their existing systems, AES designed their new electronics from the ground up. The goal was a state of the art interface with unsurpassed safety and security access features, operator friendliness, extreme reliability while still being price competitive. The AES Logic Plus electronic interface is unique in appearance, and its large size makes operation quite easy. The electronics are state of the art, designed and built to ISO 9000 standards. The special QS 9000 standard from the automobile industry is acknowledged.


  • Plug and Run for Standard Configurations
  • Controlled Start Acceleration
  • Controlled Deceleration before Stopping
  • Time Saving Performance: Faster carriage movement by decreasing driving distance which improves production by 75 percent.
  • Transponder Technology:Simple conversion of mobile and fixed carriers.
  • Easy Touch Buttons & No Moving Parts: for life time problem free operation.
  • Simplicity: A total of 3 keys operates all functions of the system.
  • Unlimited Combinations of Security Access Codes: Security is an industry wide concern. AES has also adopted technology used by the automobile industry for years. Different access code levels are programmed into keyless transponder devices insuring the highest level of security, preventing employees from accessing confidential information. Each transponder key is programmed to access specific aisles, thereby preventing access to high security records and media.

Safety Features

  • Infra-red safety sweep or safety tape
  • Motion detectors
  • Open aisle electronic person detector system
  • Power consumption changes
  • Passive block

General Specifications

  • UL-Listing compliant
  • Canadian standards compliant
  • ISO-9000 standards compliant
  • QS-9000 standards compliant
  • European standards compliant

General Specifications

  • 5 inch Precision balanced steel wheels
  • Lifetime lubricated ball bearings
  • 12 gauge bolted carriage construction
  • 1 to 6000 lbs. gear ratio on mechanical assist carriages
  • Tongue in groove decking
  • Tongue in groove steel tracking system
  • 1000 lbs. per ft. carriage rating
  • Powder coated steel
  • Steel or laminated front panel
  • All size shelving, old or new, can be attached to the mobile carriers