Data Center Assessments

With years of first hand data center experience, our infrastructure assessments allow us to identify and quantify issues affecting your data center. All our recommendations are intend to provide a fast and tanglible Return on Invesment to justify the benefit to your organization. These sustainable improvements and efficiency gains not only help save money and stablize uptime, but also are environmentally responsible.

Assessment Services

  • On-Site Capacity Benchmarking
  • Power and Utilization Efficiency Analysis
  • CFD Modeling and Thermal Analysis
  • Optimization Modeling
  • ROI and TCO Calculations
  • Solution Identification and Remediation

Are you getting hit with down time, power outages or hot spot alarms? Are you changing your Infrastructure? Planning ahead for equipment growth, facility expansion or even consolidation?

On-Site Evaluations

Our team of Technical Specialists will provide a full on-site evaluation of your data center. Our assessment survey looks at over 300 issues with a focus on the following main categories:

  • Data Center Layout and Design
  • Cabling Infrastructure
  • Power and Battery Backup Infrastructure
  • Conditioned Air Delivery and Capacity
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Aspects of Security
  • Remote Access and Control

Project Management Services

We offer qualified Project Management Services for all Infrastructure Optimization Solutions. These services can compliment your current resources, or we can work on behalf of your organization to manage the entire process.

  • Design Build Support
  • Data Center Expansions
  • Layout and Capacity Planning
  • Build Site Analysis
  • Product Deployment
  • Infrastructure Retrofit
  • Design Gap Analysis

Utility and Tax Incentive Services

When considering changes to data center infrastructure, organizations must first review cost-benefit before moving forward. Many projects are delayed due to extended ROI and budgetary constraints. We can ease the implementation process by properly qualifying projects, working with utilities to maximize financial incentives and help customers meet certification requirements to qualify for tax deductions.

  • Utility Incentive Qualification
  • Federal Tax Benefit Qualification
  • LEED Certification