Asset Vue IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Asset Vue IT Asset Management (ITAM) solutions include innovative technology designed for IT professionals to track and manage all the data center assets under their control. They include a series of data center asset management solutions and IT asset management tools. These accurate, cost-effective RFID-based data center IT asset management solutions are for conducting fast, easy and real IT asset audits that save time and reduce hassles.

Asset Vue Features:

  • Data integration with virtually any application
  • Passive RFID optimized for the Data Center environment
  • Predefined, customizable manufacturers list to ensure uniform data collection
  • Granular audit tracking
  • Advanced reporting capability including a full complement of canned reports and a customer reporting engine
  • Ability to manage multiple data centers
  • Full asset collision control
  • Full access and control from Ipad & Android
  • Dynamic rack elevations
  • Top down data center views
  • Customizable labels to match existing tools
  • Full IT Asset tracking via portals with e-mail, text, and ability to trigger work ticketsAvailable power, space and network

Product Offerings:

  • Asset Vue Inventory — featuring fixed and handheld data capture with read ranges from inches to feet to make locating assets fast and accurate.
  • Asset Vue Tracker — the perfect solution for keeping track of all the Moves & Adds in your busy data center.
  • Asset Vue Cloud — a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution offering the power of IT Asset Management in the cloud and reducing hassles associated with purchasing and provisioning dedicated hardware for data center asset management.
  • Asset Vue Mobile — a cost-effective, passive RFID IT Asset Management solution that works with iOS and Android smart tablets.
  • Asset Vue Real Time Rack — an RFID-based IT Asset Management solution that is compatible with existing data center racks from all manufacturers and provides an always-on, real-time solution for monitoring your data center IT asset audits.Workflow for moves, adds and changes including data center relocation or colocation projects

The Asset Vue IT Asset Management (ITAM) Suite is dedicated to these simple principals:

  • FAST Physical IT Asset Audits both in the data center and throughout the enterprise
  • EASY to navigate interfaces that work with your existing processes to improve performance
  • REAL Data through actionable exception reporting and open interfaces to other systemsVisualization:Dashboard